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This storage container rental agreement is made on the 29th day of May, 2024 between Loc-Tight Storage, LLC as Lessor and
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1. Rental Term

The term of this Rental Agreement shall be for a minimum of 2 months beginning as at the date of signing of this agreement and shall continue on a monthly basis until terminated. The initial 2 months rental fee, together with any delivery and pick-up fees, shall be due at the time of signing. If this agreement begins after the first of the month then rent shall be pro-rated for that first month. Lessee shall not be entitled to a refund of any paid rent should the container not be kept for 2 month regardless of whether the storage container continues to be in use by Lessee or whether Lessee elects to have the container picked up by Lessor prior to the expiration of 2 months. Lessee shall not be entitled to any refund should the container be picked up prior to the end of any subsequent month. To terminate this agreement Lessee must give notice to Lessor at least 7 days before the end of the month. Delivery and pick-up charges are not refundable. Lessor has the right to increase monthly rent upon given notice of the same to Lessee at least one month in advance of any increase. All terms and conditions of this rental agreement shall remain in effect regardless of any such increase.

2. Rental Fees

All initial fees (rent and delivery and pick-up) are due and payable in advance. Late charges shall be assessed if fees are unpaid in 30 days at the time of the next billing cycle. A late fee of $25.00 will be assessed for all late payments. If rental fees remain unpaid for a period of 60 days after the due date, an additional late fee of $25.00 will be applied to your account and the unit may be picked up and returned to our facility. Accepted forms of payment are Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Debit and Certified Checks or Money Orders. A valid credit card must be on file at all times even if an alternate payment method is selected. Lessee authorizes Lessor to charge credit card for any rent or fees due if Lessee is delinquent for more than THIRTY (30) days even if Lessee has selected another method of payment. Lessor agrees to reach out with a courtesy call before any charge is made on any credit card. If the call is not answered, Landlord reserves the right to charge any credit card on file.

3. Use of Container-General

Only property that the Lessee owns, or is an authorized agent for, shall be stored. No perishable goods, flammable materials, explosives, fuel, improperly contained food products or other dangerous materials will be stored by the Lessee. Lessee shall not use the container to store any personal property, or other property, which would violate any law or regulation of any government authority. Lessee acknowledges and agrees that the container is not intended for or suited to the storage of irreplaceable property, books, records, writings, works of art, heirlooms or other items for which there is no immediate resale market, or for objects having emotional value or records relating to the stored goods. Lessee acknowledges that the container is for storage of personal property only and may not be used for human or animal habitation.

4. Use of Container-Compliance with Law

Lessee shall NOT use the container for the storage of hazardous materials or for any other property where storage in such a container is in violation of any law or ordinance in effect at the place where the container is located. Lessee agrees to pay the cost of remediation of any damage to the container resulting from the storage of any such property. The Lessee hereby acknowledged that he/she has read and understands the provision of this paragraph and agrees to comply with its requirements.

5. Transportation

Lessee agrees that Lessor, and Lessor only, shall transport the container to and from the location of use.

6. Insurance


7. Limitation of Liability

Neither Lessor or Lessor’s agents have responsibility of any kind to Lessee or any representative of Lessee for any loss, expense, damage, claim, liability or injury from any cause. The Limitation of Liability shall include, without limitation, any cause or act by Lessor or Lessor’s agents, whether active or passive, or by omission, negligence or conversion, except for the event of Lessor’s willful injury or willful violation of any law.

8. Indemnification

Lessee shall indemnify and hold Lessor and Lessor’s agents harmless from any loss in any manner whatsoever which may arise out of Lessee’s use of the storage container. This indemnification includes any claims made by any person or person against Lessor for any reason. Lessee agrees that the indemnification includes any fees or costs incurred by Lessor in the defense of any claim, cause, litigation or other action.

9. Placement of Storage Container

Lessee will normally attempt to place container on a paved surface or driveway. Lessee acknowledges that the designated container parking area for the container must have adequate height, depth, width and maneuvering space for both delivery and pick-up. Lessee also acknowledges that it may be necessary for Lessor to move items in order to place the container in the area designated by Lessee. Lessee hereby relieves Lessor from any responsibility for property damage that occurs from placement or maneuvering of the container. Lessee acknowledges that it may be necessary for Lessor to refuse to place container at Lessee’s designated location when Lessor identifies a lack of safe or risk-free conditions and Lessee acknowledges that Lessor may levy a surcharge for difficult placement of container. In the event that the Lessor is unable to place the container at the Lessee’s desired location, the Lessee agrees to pay the regular drop off fee for the work attempted. Should the container be place on property owned by someone other than Lessee, Lessee will provide Lessor with that documentation requested by Lessor such as to show Lessee’s right to the use and enjoyment of the property. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THE CONTAINER BE MOVED ONCE DELIVERED.

10. Access to Container

Lessee shall provide Lessor with unobstructed access to the container at the conclusion of the lease term. By executing this agreement, Lessee hereby gives to Lessor an irrevocable license to enter the property where the container may be situated to pick up such container at the conclusion of this lease or in the event of a default in the terms of this lease by Lessee.

11. Lock

A lock suitable to secure container shall be supplied by Lessee at Lessee’s own expense. Lessor shall not received from Lessee, any combinations or keys to said lock.

12. Alterations and Modification

Lessee shall not make any alterations, modifications or attachment to the container without the prior written consent of the Lessor.

13. No Warranties by Lessor

No warranties, either expressed or implied, are made by Lessor to Lessee. Further, Lessor makes no guarantees or representations regarding the condition, safety, security or nature of the container. Lessee hereby acknowledges that he/she has inspected the container and hereby acknowledges and agrees to take the container in an “as is” condition.

14. Remedies for Breach

If Lessee fails to make any payment of any amounts payable herein, as and when such payment becomes due and/or if Lessee defaults in the performance of any of its other obligations hereunder, and such non-payment or other default continues for a period of SIXTY (60) consecutive days, then all unpaid rent and all other amounts payable hereunder, shall be forthwith due and payable in their entirety and Lessor shall have the rights, at Lessor’s election or at any time while such default continues, to Terminate this agreement by giving notice to Lessee, in which case Lessee shall immediately surrender the container to Lessor. Should Lessee refuse or fail to surrender container to Lessor, Lessor may enter upon Lessee’s property and take possession of container and Lessee’s property stored in the container, Lessor has the full right to remove the said container from Lessee’s property with Lessee’s possessions in said container. Lessee will be given FIFTEEN (15) days to remove their belongings from container on Lessor’s storage lot. During such period, Lessor shall be entitled to collect additional rent from Lessee in an amount equal to one-half the monthly rent set forth herein Lessee hereby agrees to pay Lessor or demand for the amount of all loss and/or damage which Lessor may incur by reason of termination, whether because of inability to relet the container on satisfactory terms or otherwise. Lessor’s application of the remedies hereto shall not preclude Lessor from Lessor’s right to seek any other remedies as the same may exist.

15. Release of Lessee Information

Lessor is hereby authorized by Lessee to release any information regarding Lessee and Lessee’s tenancy as required by law or requested by police or other governmental or law enforcement agencies or courts.

16. Termination by Lessee

Lessee may terminate this Rental Agreement at any time after the expiration of the first term, by giving 7 business days notice to Lessor. Lessee hereby acknowledges that the minimum rental term for the container is EIGHT (8) weeks, and no refund of rents shall be made should Lessee elect to terminate this Rental Agreement before the first 8-week rental period has expired. If Lessee elects to terminate this Rental Agreement after the first 8-week rental period has passed, no other rental fees will be due to do so! Delivery, pick-up fees and any other charges due are NOT refundable.

17. Termination by Lessor

Lessor may terminate this Rental Agreement at any time by delivering to the Lessee not less than SEVEN (7) days’ notice of such cancellation which may be delivered by hand, by e-mail, by fax or by registered mail to the Lessee. The termination of the Agreement by Lessor will not affect Lessor’s right to pursue any remedy available to it under this Rental Agreement or otherwise available to Lessor under law.

18. Condition of Container at Termination

Lessee shall remove all of Lessee’s property from the container upon termination for any reason and shall immediately surrender container to Lessor in the same condition as when delivered to Lessee by Lessor at the beginning of the Rental Agreement, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Lessee must sweep and remove all debris from container or a cleaning and/or debris disposal fee will be added in addition to any other charges.

19. Change of Address, Phone Numbers and Card Information

Lessee shall give notice to Lessor of any change of address and/or phone numbers and/or credit card information different from the address and/or phone numbers and/or credit card information provided in this Rental Agreement within FIVE (5) days of the change, providing current address, phone number and credit card information.

20. Assignment

Lessee shall not sublet or assign the container or any portion thereof without the prior written consent of Lessor. Lessor may assign or transfer this Rental Agreement without the consent of Lessee and by such assignment or transfer, Lessor shall be released from all obligations under this Rental Agreement occurring after such assignment or transfer.

21. Succession

All of the provisions of this Rental Agreement shall apply to, bind and be obligatory upon the heirs, executors, administrators, representatives, successors and assign of the parties hereto.

22. Local Ordinances and Regulations

Lessee’s use of container is subject to county, city, provincial and local ordinances, rules and regulations, including deed and the homeowner restrictions. Lessee assumes full responsibility for any fines or penalties, monetary or otherwise, resulting from Lessee’s use of the container. If the container is required to be moved by a governing agency or authority from the Lessee’s property or assigned location for the container, Lessor will attempt to notify Lessee of such requirement. Lessee hereby gives to Lessor full authority to comply with governmental requirements and absolves and holds Lessor harmless for any resulting damage to Lessee’s property.

23. Entire Agreement

This Rental Agreement sets forth the entire agreement between the parties hereto and supersedes all prior agreements or understandings with respect thereto. There are no representations, agreements or warranties by or between the parties which are not fully set forth herein and no representative or agent of Lessor or Lessee is authorized to make any representations, agreements, or warranties other than expressly set forth herein. This Rental Agreement may only be amended by writing agreed to an executed by the parties hereto.

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