Choose Your Container Size

We have two heights to choose from. Our Standard height often referred to as ST. and our high cube height is referred to as H.C.  Both the Standard Height and the High Cube are available as a brand new container, a light use container (1 trip across the ocean) and as a used container (multiple trips across the ocean).


8 ft. 6 in. Tall x 8 ft. Wide x 20 ft. Long
8 ft. 6 in. Tall x 8 ft. Wide x 40 ft. Long

Our Standard Height Storage Container is the most common of the two heights making them easier to acquire.

High Cube

9 ft. 6 in. Tall x 8 ft. Wide x 20 ft. Long

9 ft. 6 in. Tall x 8 ft. Wide x 40 ft. Long
9 ft. 6 in. Tall x 8 ft. Wide x 45 ft. Long

Our High Cube Storage Container has approximately 12 inches of more storage space.

Choose Your Container Condition

We have 2 different container conditions to choose from.

One Trip Use

Our One Trip containers have only been on the high seas for one trip. They are in great condition with little use.

Cargo Worthy

Our Cargo Worthy containers are wind and watertight. Although they have seen many trips across the waters, they still are in great condition.

Choose Your Specialty Container

All of our containers described above come with a set of doors on the one end only. We can provide you with several more options on your door placements. One option is to have a set of doors on both ends of the container. Another Option is to have a door on the one end and one on the side of the container.

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