Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Questions

Yes. All our containers are watertight. However, minimal moisture can collect on the inside if the interior temperature is cooler than the outside temperature.

Yes. All the units come with standard secure lock boxes that are very difficult to cut using a bolt cutters.

We deliver with our truck and trailer. Our trailer can tilt and slide the container off the back of the trailer. We also have along a “mule” which is a self-propelled machine that can pick up the end of the container which allows us to put temporary wheels under the contailer. We then move the mule around to the other end of the container and are able to pick up the end opposite the container and push or pull the container around tight corners and into difficult spaces as long as the terrain isn’t too steep or uneven.

Yes, the customer is responsible for ensuring their site is ready for delivery. These are the guidelines to ensure you’ll have no trouble in receiving your shipping container.

• The container site must be level and can be made of dirt, gravel or concrete. It is good to make the pad a little larger than the footprint of the container on all sides.

• Delivery requires a straight 120′ for unloading.

• Height clearance requirement is 14′ high and increases to 21′ when unloading.

• The truck requires 13′ wide clearance.

• The trucks weigh more than 30,000 lbs. and requires dry hard ground capable of supporting this weight.

• Ensure the street leading into your property is wide enough to accommodate the truck radius while turning onto your property.

• Ensure space is clear of fence posts, underground utilities, grass, planters, and concrete not able to withstand the weight.

• We require the customer to be onsite at the time of the delivery to direct the placement of the container.

• The driver(s) will do their best to place the container in the desired location. It is the driver’s right to refuse to place a container in a location where they feel it may cause harm to themselves or their property.

We accept personal and business checks, credit cards and cash.